Mission: Self-Approval

The mission of Yasmin Igné Boudoir Photography is simple, yet anything but easy:


Encourage women's self-approval


While it is important to accept and love yourself as well as your body, self-approval means taking the concept one step further – it is the manifestation of it.


Self-approval means having the courage to stand up for yourself. It means that you no longer have to wait for somebody to give you permission to be who you know you are destined to be. By daring to challenge your ingrained perceptions and finding the confidence to express yourself any way you please, self-approval is the act of setting yourself free from the limits society, family or even you yourself impose on you.


Through the authentic, personalised Boudoir portraits we will create for you, you will finally be completely at ease with your true self and no longer feel the need to justify who you are – never again, to no one - because the only approval that ever has or ever will matter, is your own!

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