About me

When I had my own Boudoir photographs taken, it had a profound impact on me and my life.

Not only was I in awe of how beautiful the images were but it changed the way I saw and appreciated myself. The camera, a technical devide which does not judge, had offered me a completely different, objective perspective. I came to not only accept myself but I realised that the approval which I had been longing to receive from others, actually had to come from within myself.

This new found insight also made me realise that this precious gift of portait that reaveal each woman's unique beauty but which most importantly allow them to have the courage to stand up for themselves is what I want to offer to women as well.

Boudoir to me means more than showing some skin in stunning portraits. It is just that, yet combined with revealing your inner beauty as well. It is a deeply emotional, rewarding and liberating journey to explore and highlight your sensual self. Consisting of so many fascinating individual details, we will create elegant pictures you will love and which will enable you to finally feel completely at ease with your true self.

I believe that all women are beautiful and  in cherishing that unique, all-embracing beauty but also in telling their personal story in authentic, personalised portraits which manifest that the only approval which ever has and ever will matter, is their own.



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