From shy to confident in only 2 hours

"Wow - I still can't believe I really did this. Thank you so much again for giving me the confidence to take these pictures, Yasmin, they are incredible and I look so beautiful."

This is an extract of a client's Thank You eMail (read the whole message below) after she showed her husband her portraits during their honeymoon. I confess, it made me a bit emotional because the lady had stuggled so much to find the courage for her photos. I felt so proud of her when reading this message that I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it because I know that you will be able to relate to her story. I really hope that it will encourage you to become more confident (in general but also in lingerie) as well.

My client, let's call her Laura, contacted me saying that she had been wanting to have Boudoir portraits for a long time now. She was getting married and wanted to capture this very special moment and these once-in-a-lifetime emotions forever. Laura came to visit my studio and to get to know me in person. During her consultation, she confessed to me that she had one problem though: she was still not sure if she had the confidence to really do it.

I assured her that it was my job as a photographer to give her the confidence and courage for sensual portraits - all she had to do was be herself in them. In the four weeks leading up to her photo session I sent her a lot of information material (what lingerie suits her best, where to buy lingerie in Toulouse, what to pay attention to in terms of nutrition ect.) and she contacted me several times with additional questions.

When Laura arrived for her photo shoot I could tell straight away how nervous she was. She kept apologising for looking a bit tired because she could not sleep well last night and for having brought so many outfits because she couldn't decide which one to use. I told her that my studio is an apology-free zone, we are all humans and we accept ourselves just the way we are. Also, instead of going straight to the shoot, I proposed to have a tea first and she told me about her weekend to take her mind off of the daunting shoot.

We started her session in her favourite Boss jeans and her fiancé's white shirt showing her beautiful beige bridal corset under it. We talked a bit about her upcoming wedding and how much she was looking forward to getting away on their honeymoon just to get some time to herself after all the wedding stress. I advised Laura to see her Boudoir experience now as a little getaway, a little time to herself away from all the craziness, time only for herself to enjoy. Once Laura focused on all the things she was looking forward to, her whole expression changed and she relaxed immediately. Until she saw her stunning Boudoir portraits after the session, that's when she could not hold back her emotions of joy, pride and some slight relief too.

Here is Laura's whole message:

Dear Yasmin,

I was such a nervous wreck before my photo shoot with you (I guess you noticed that a little bit too). I do not know how you have managed to calm me down and give me the confidence to do this - you are incredible and I can't thank you enough. I have been wanting to have a sexy photo shoot for so long but I had never felt comfortable enough. Your preparation before and your empathy during the shoot worked wonders. I can't put in words how wonderful your pictures are (I actually look super sexy!) but just so you know, my husband cried of joy when he looked throught the album with my Boudoir photos that I gave him as a wedding gift.

Wow - I still can't believe I really did this. Thank you so much again for giving me the confidence to take these pictures, Yasmin, they are incredible and I look so beautiful. You are absolutely amazing!

With that new found confidence I rocked my honeymoon lingerie that you helped me choose and I honestly can't wait for my next Boudoir photo shoot to show even more of my sensual side.

Best wishes from Bora Bora and see you soon!!


What is there to add? Nothing really other than saying that this right here is why I absolutely love what I do for all you women out there.


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