Top 5 Reasons for Bridal Boudoir

As already said in my previous blog post, I understand completely that your wedding preparations are both time-consuming and costly. Maybe you ask yourself, just as many of my other bridal Boudoir clients: Why Boudoir photos and most importantly why should I get them NOW?

Give me 2 minutes of your precious time and I will explain to you the immesurable value of your unique bridal Boudoir portraits:

You will be in great shape at your wedding - Capture this moment!

Before your wedding you will have spent countless hours in the gym (and maybe you have even dieted) to have a great body, not only for your wedding day but also your honeymoon nights. You will have put so much effort into looking this good, when you will be old and grey you deserve to remember how stunning you have looked!

This is the only opportunity to immortalise emotions you will never feel again.

Your bridal Boudoir photographs will freeze that moment in time where you were in great shape but most importantly they will portray these precious emotions between love, joy, excitement and slight nervousness on the most important day of your life. You will only get married once, so if you do not take those photos now, you will never have the chance to recreate them.

You will feel more confident walking down the aisle.

A wedding is nerve-wracking business and we have all seen these mortifying videos where the bride walks down the ailse and stumbles because she is so nervous she cannot even walk. After having overcome the nervousness before having sensual photos taken, you will be so confident that that walk will still be significant but far less daunting - you will know you've got this!

It is a great occasion to wear your wedding dress again.

Remember that day you were surrounded by the most important ladies in your life and they helped you choose the most stunning dress you have ever had the priviledge to wear? You love that dress. You cannot get enough of looking at it because it is so beautiful. You cannot wait for your partner to see it. But most brides only wear it once. By incorporating it into your bridal Boudoir photos, you can enjoy wearing it again and you will forever remember these feelings and how magnificent you have looked in that dress.

It is the perfect wedding gift for your partner.

Are you worried about having to find an amazing wedding gift for your partner? There is nothing more personal to give than an album with your bridal Boudoir portraits and you can be sure they will love it. It will remind your partner of that indescribable moment when (s)he first saw you in that dress walking confidently down the aisle and how incredibly sensual you looked on your honeymoon so that (s)he could not keep their hands off of you.

Bridal Boudoir photographs truly are images like no other. All these emotions will have you look absolutely radiant and both, you and your partner will be eternally grateful to have chosen to portray the more intimate moments of this significant once-in-a-lifetime event.


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