Bridal Boudoir: A sceptical groom's reaction

Every Boudoir experience is primarily for the woman who is having her photographs taken. However, when my clients book a bridal Boudoir photo shoot before their "big day", they usually captures these once-in-a-lifetime emotions not only for themselves but also for the most important person in their life. Some of my clients feel that it adds a little more pressure but let me share a very septical groom's reaction to his future wife's Boudoir photographs to put your mind at ease:

"When I first heard my fiancée was having bridal Boudoir photos taken I must admit that I was apprehensive. I asked myself:

'Would it be a waste of money?'

'Would they really be that good to justify the price?'

'Couldn't she do it another time when we do not have an expensive wedding to pay for already?'

But sadly I also questioned 'How do I react when they aren't great...?'

Great?? That would have been a complete understatement!

She had the Boudoir album delivered to me as a gift on the day of our wedding, right before the ceremony. Not only did she look sensual, elegant and had an aura that I had never seen before, she also made me sit up and realise even more so than I did before that my fiancée was sexy. Of course, she was always attractive and flirty, but her Boudoir photographs really captured a side that was on another level. It was amazing to see yet difficult to describe. All I tell you is that I was almost late for our ceremony because I could not stop looking at those incredible images and when she walked down the aisle towards me, I knew I am the luckiest man in the world."

Bridal Boudoir photos do more than just immortalise some of the most emotional and memorable moments of a woman's life. In fact, these images are beautiful revelations for both partners. They show grooms/brides a fascinating aspect of their wife's wedding preparation which usually remains a mystery. While at the same time they actually help the bride to see herself in a completely different light, through her partner's adoring eyes.


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