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One of the main concerns of the ladies booking their Boudoir experience is the topic of how to choose what to wear for their photo shoot.This is true for clients booking a regular photo shoot but also for brides-to-be, maybe even more so because you will never be able to capture the same emotions again. You need to be 110% prepared to create authentic, personalised sensual portraits for the love of your life.

I have already written articles about where and when to have your bridal Boudoir photo shoot, now this post will focus on the two most popular (yet slightly confusing) kinds of lingerie women wear in order to best capture those once-in-a-lifetime wedding emotions. Let me give you a brief overview to help you prepare for those two major events and your Boudoir shooting which will immortalise that feeling of excitement you have felt when wearing those pieces.

Stockings vs. Hold-ups

The difference is simple yet quite a number of women have come to my studio with a pair of one of them when they actually intended to buy the other. For an iconic "getting ready photograph" either of the two options can be used though.

  • Hold-ups hold themselves up by having sticky plastic hidden in the upper part, so they do not need any support to stay in place.

  • Stockings need to be held up with either a suspender belt, a suspender/garter dress or a garter.

Which brings me to the next important distinction for you to be fully confident when choosing your bridal lingerie.

Suspender/garter dresses or belts vs. Garters

Technically only the first group are actually a type of lingerie, the second one rather serves as a traditional accessorie for weddings and photo shoots.

  • Suspender/garter dresses or belts are required to hold up stockings. However, their use is not exclusively bridal related. Many women bring stockings to regular Boudoir sessions due to their seductive allure but some struggle to put them on (It happened to me too, which is why I will be there to help you put them on and effortlessly look your best).

  • Garters are single bands of fabric, most commonly made of white lace, placed around the upper leg. Traditionally they were used to hold up stockings but nowadays they usually serve as vintage bridal accessories.

Well, I have been there myself: nervous and insecure before my own Boudoir photo shoot. I would have loved to receive more practical advise on what lingerie looks best for my unique body type. Therefore, for my own clients, I have created an exclusive Lingerie Guide which will help you choose the perfect lingerie complimenting your individual figure.

May it be for your honeymoon, your Boudoir photo shoot or to surprise your partner with something that shows off your beautiful curves, click here to download my FREE Lingerie Guide (in English or French).


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