Accessories for Bridal Boudoir Shoots

Using unique accessories is a wonderful way for you to create truly personalised Boudoir photographs. Naturally you can incorporate any kind of accessory you would like and that is meaningful to you. However, when you chose your wedding as the occasion for having a Boudoir experience, you will have a list of wedding-related accessories you can use to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments and emotions in your Boudoir photographs.

Your wedding dress

You have tried on countless beautiful dresses and then there was this magical moment when you saw yourself in the mirror and knew deep down inside: "This is the one!" It was the moment when the ladies closest to you held their breath and had a little tear in the corner of theirs eyes - which is exactly what will happen when the love of your life sees you walk down the aisle towards them. You love your wedding dress, it means so much to you, so bring it to your photo shoot to be able to treasure these memories forever.

Your engagement ring

Even though you did not see it coming, your partner has prepared the proposal for week and months. It was one of the happiest moments of your life and a milestone in your relationship. Your ring is unique, it reflects your personality and is the symbol of the love you two have for each other. By incorporating it in your Boudoir images, you are celebrating the promise you have given each other that day and will soon vow to keep in a beautiful ceremony.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

This tradition dates back to the 1800's in England and wearing something of

each on her wedding day was said to bring good luck to the bride. Nowadays it is still a popular tradition for close family to gift the bride with such items, for example a family heritage necklace or earrings. Showing these precious objects in your photographs gives you the invaluable opportunity to document a little bit of your family's history.

Your wedding accessories

There are a lot of small items that will make your wedding day even more special and make you look absolutely stunning. It might be your veil made from Italian lace, your colourful wedding bouquet, your delicate hair piece, the garter (band of fabric traditionally used to hold up stockings) you will be wearing under your dress or something personal that reminds you of your partner. All these can be used to meaningfully personalise your photographs.

There are so many thoughtful ways to make your sensual Boudoir images mean even more than just meets the eye. Your wedding is such an immensely emotional and joyful time of your life that should be immortalised, so that every time you look at your photographs you will automatically be feeling the same excitement, love and happiness that surrounded the best day of your life. It will be my absolute pleasure to capture all of that for you and your partner.


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