When to have your Bridal Boudoir shoot?

Getting married to the love of your life will be one of the most significant and emotional events you will ever experience. Boudoir photos are a wonderful gift to capture the more intimate significance of your wedding and therefore make a truly personal gift for your partner.

In my last article I have already covered which locations you could choose for your bridal Boudoir photo shoot. This post will focus on the timing of your photo shoot and again, you will have multiple options for when to have your session.

Your Engagement

It is the first step in your wedding journey and you will be overjoyed. At the same time it is before the wedding planning stress. Therefore it is the perfect moment to take a few hours for yourself to create some stunning engagement photos. Alternatively, you can use your Boudoir images to get ahead of the game by ticking off the wedding gift for your partner from your to-do-list.

Your Bachelorette Party

An unexpected time to have a bridal Boudoir photo shoot is during your Bachelorette Party or Trip. The women closest to you can help calm your nerves before the shooting or, if you wanted to share a Boudoir experience with them, you could organise a Boudoir session for all of you (including separate photo shoots for each woman of course).

Your Wedding

Having your Boudoir session the day before or on the day of your wedding gives you the opportunity to incorporate up the emotional excitement of this special day. It will give you a few hours of focusing on yourself and the significance of this time in your life. As a positive side effect, the shooting will give you another confidence boost and you will smile even more on your walk down the isle.

Your Honeymoon

After all the wedding craziness, your honeymoon will be the first opportunity for you and your partner to finally spend some time as a married couple with all the sensual extras. Having a Boudoir photoshoot in your intimate paradise getaway will create the most personal holiday souvenirs imaginable.

After your Honeymoon

Capturing the afterglow of your honeymoon and how incredibly relaxed you feel after a few weeks shared only with the love of your life, can be a great way to not only show off your tan and your honeymoon lingerie but you can already create a beautiful personalised gift for your first wedding anniversary.

All the above options have got advantages and commemorate a very special stage of your wedding journey yet some might come with certain constraints. In order to choose between all these options in regards to the timing of your bridal Boudoir photo shoot, you should ask yourself:

What point in time feels right for me?


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