Where to have your Bridal Boudoir shoot?

Having your Boudoir photographs taken around the time of your engagement or your wedding is a wonderful idea for a very personal gift to your loved one. At the same time these events offer the opportunity to make your Boudoir photo shoot even more special. This is because you usually have the choice of extraordinary venues for your shooting where you can create beautiful photographs which will forever remind you of those special places, events and most importantly the feelings you connect with them.

Engagement Venue

The place where the love of your life has proposed to you will always be special to you two. It might have been in the comfort of your home and you could create some sensual photos right where (s)he went down on one knee. Generally, having such a photo shoot in public is usually not possible (other than if you can convince the owner of the restaurant or theater to shut down for your photo shoot). However, depending on where your proposal happened, for the brave ones it might be a great reason to dare to have an outdoor Boudoir photo shoot.

Bridesmaids Souvenir

If you wanted to share a Boudoir experience with the women closest to you, you could organise a Boudoir session for all of you (including separate photo shoots for each woman of course). You could arrive at the wedding venue a day early, have your Boudoir photo shoots and then relax at the spa afterward. Alternatively, you could have mini-Boudoir sessions where you are having your Bachelorette Party and create empowering memories for those very special women in your life.

Wedding Venue

Oftentimes Weddings are held in stunning locations: avant-garde boutique hotels, romantic châteaux or even in an exotic holiday destination. All these options make for a stunning back-drop of a Boudoir photo shoot as a wedding gift for that special someone in your life. Your photographs will always remind you of how happy you felt on that day but a Boudoir session can also give you some well-deserved "self-care time" during all the festivities. As a bonus, when walking down the isle, people will most certainly notice the confidence boost the photo shooting gave you.

Honeymoon Destination

During your honey moon you will feel incredibly close to your partner. In preparation you will have bought incredibly sexy lingerie that will take your partner's breath away. It will be a time dedicated to sensuality and intimacy between the two of you which is the perfect mood to be in when having some seductive photographs taken. Personalised Boudoir photographs are a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon souvenir.

The time around your wedding is truly one of the best points in life to have a Boudoir photo shoot. You will feel incredibly happy and have this excited glow in your eyes when you think about what the future with the love of your life will bring. It is wonderful to capture and highlight that excitement and portray the more intimate side of these days so that you and your partner can cherish these precious memories together.


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