A typical Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

Just like all women are individually beautiful, no Boudoir photo shoot is ever the same. This goes especially for Bridal Boudoir photo shoots. Personally I believe it is simply the adrenaline of the fact that these women are preparing for one of the most important days of their lives.

Whenever a bride-to-be comes into my studio, the energy of the room changes immediately. Obviously they are slightly nervous at the beginning but once we start talking about all the exciting events surrounding their wedding day, their faces light up immediately. While selecting the outfits for their Boudoir session, they tell me the stories of all their bridal accessories and why each of them is so meaningful to them.

There are the standard items almost every bride brings to her Boudoir photo shoot: the sexy lingerie she bought for their honey moon, her shiny engagement ring to show off and oftentimes a traditional garter. However, some brides personalise their session even more by bringing specific clothes or items which are reminding them of their partner or a very special time in their relationship. They would bring the outfit they wore on their first date, their partner's favourite shirt or the wedding gift they have gotten them like a luxurious watch.

Most importantly though, what all brides-to-be bring is their immense joy about soon being able to call the love of their life 'husband' or 'wife'. Such strong emotions light up their session and reflect in their photographs.

Many of them try to keep their Boudoir photo shoot a secret from their significant other. They want to surprise them on the day of their wedding with an album full of stunning photographs that both of them will treasure forever. In the end though they realise what a truly amazing experience this kind of photo session really is. These women leave my studio feeling happy, empowered and self-confident, which is obviously not easy to hide!


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