Cultural (Boudoir) Differences

It has been a few months since I opened my studio doors here in Toulouse. During this time I have had the privilege to have numerous photo shoots with beautiful French women. Naturally it is a challenge for me to explain the poses to my clients in French but I know how important taking time to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera is. The more comfortable my clients feel, the more confident they will look in their Boudoir images - no matter which language they speak.

There are difference between French and English clients though. In general, I have noticed that there are some surprisingly different patterns to how the women from each nation are approaching a Boudoir experience (even though I can only speak about the ones I personally took photographes of so this is slightly generalising the topic).

I always speak to my clients at the beginning of the shoot and tell them a little about the way we will take photographs before selecting the outfits they will wear for their photos.

English Women

The English usually take a tea or cold drink before their Boudoir session with me and have some polite small talk to calm their nerves. Later during the shoot itself, they start off relatively covered, so they might wear a bra but still keep their jeans or a satin robe on. They are very creative in the accessoirs they incorporate in their Boudoir images. Once I showed them a few poses and how we will emphasise they favourite features, they gain confidence and embrace their sensuality.

French Women

No messing around with the French ladies, they get straight to the point. Usually there is no time to waste on a drink, if anything, it would be a quick espresso and a cigarette. Also, once the shoot starts, they are in lingerie straight away. They are confident and natural even if they are unsure about posing (which they rarely admit but I can tell that they are). Luckily I can assist, explain and show them which poses will show off their features even better.

Learning about different cultures has always fascinated me, so I love discovering these subtle and surprising differences. One of the things that fascinate me about Boudoir photography is that I have to personalise my approach for every women as all of my clients are so beautifully unique. It makes every shoot a new challenge, none of them are ever the same, because I believe that no matter what language they speak or where they come from, all women are truly beautiful when they are authentically themselves.

So, the only thing I now need to do is learn some more French jokes because as you know, a smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman's body.


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