Best Valentine's Day Boudoir Ideas

With Valentine's Day just around the corner you are probably trying to think of something more creative to give that just another expensive aftershave or tickets for your significant other to see his favourite rugby team play again. There certainly are a few obvious choices of what to get to thank him for his chocolates, champagne and flowers but what about a truly personal gift he won't get out of his head for months!? If you are a little bit more naughty than nice, a Boudoir photo shoot might be the perfect Valentine's Day gift and I will give you a few ideas to not get your standard Boudoir images but incredibly special ones for the love of your life. Let's start with the more obvious choices to make your sensual images more personal and then think a bit more outside the box:


Many women have got certain types of flowers they prefer, so add those to your photo shoot. Bring the ones you have had in your wedding bouquet when you two got married or the ones he brought to your first date or the ones which he got you when you had just told him you were pregnant. Adding those to your Boudoir images brings back memories while creating new ones.


Surely you have got a piece of jewellery that has a symbolic meaning for the two of you. Your engagement/wedding ring is in obvious beautiful choice but how about those earrings he got you on your first holiday together or the bracelet you got when you were proudly celebrating your promotion? Maybe he got you something for last year's Valentine's Day and you want to show him how much it meant to you in return?


Either take some of your clothes which remind you of a special occasion: that dress from your first date, the gloves you wore to your winter engagement party or the or your honey moon lingerie. Alternatively, you can incorporate some of his attire into your shoot: his white shirt, that tie he loves or his Coldstream Guard's uniform. Or even better, why not make him the happiest man in the world and pose combining his favourite sport's club jersey with sexy lingerie?


Naturally, you can use something very Valentine's Day typical such as heart shaped candy, rose petals or your naughty toys in celebration of the 50 Shades of Grey movie you two watched together. But you could also feature items such as a model of his dream car, his favourite book or feathers that remind you of the incredible first holiday together where you stayed in the luxurious hotel with peacocks in the garden.

Combine the above with all the options for Boudoir photo shoot locations and there are so many truly personal creative possibilities to explore for your Valentine's Day Boudoir shoot. Together we can make it much for meaningful than just some standard sexy snaps! The love of your life and you deserve a tailored commemoration of the beauty of your relationship: Valentine's Day is there to celebrate its uniqueness, not it conformity with society's expectations!


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