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Whenever I speak to women (and men) there is a general air of insecurity surrounding Boudoir photography. I am not talking about how a woman might feel nervous or insecure about whether she should book a Boudoir experience (of course she should - every woman deserves it!) but rather an uncertainty of what Boudoir photography actually means. No worries, this is not another post where I define my personalised sensual art, I have done that in this previous post. It is me telling you how I came to find out about Boudoir.

Some day, years ago, at a friend's house I admired her art work. One particular piece caught my eye: an anonymous canvas print showing a woman's back, her bum covered with giant red feather vans. I thought it was marvelous, the colours, the suggestiveness, the confidence and the hint of sensuality - I loved it and told my friend exactly that. She gave me a cheeky smile and said: "Thanks so much! That's actually me in the photograph...."

I knew there and then that I wanted a photo shoot just like that. Naturally I had my own ideas for the images and it took me a while (and losing 15 kilos) to pluck up the courage to actually book my Boudoir photo shoot, but it was down to that very moment in front of her wall art that I decided I deserved to commemorate myself and my body in the same way. As you know, my own Boudoir photo shoot inspired me to start my Boudoir photography business in order to support other women in celebrating themselves and their bodies, regardless of dress size and age. That moment in time had a huge impact on my life, though I only realised it years later, it was a small puzzle piece which is now creating a wonderful picture.

Ironically, I never told the single most influential person on my Boudoir journey, my friend, about this - we had lost touch over the years. Last week I learned that she died. Of Leukemia at the age of 29. She had been diagnosed only a few months ago. Things were looking up after her initial treatment and she got engaged in December but passed away less than a month later. I am still in shock and cannot help but wonder how the world can be so cruel to such a young person. But that's life. Life is not fair and it has taught me a valuable lesson I wish I did not have to pay such a high price for:

Always give thanks right away - Tell people how much they have helped you, how much they have influenced your life, how much you appreciate and love them. Do it now!

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