Boudoir as a New Year's Resolution motivation

So by this time of any new year the new year's resolutions we have committed to are getting really hard to stick to. In the beginning of January we were so fed up with food from the holidays that it was easy to say No to those sickly macarons. By mid January they become more and more appealingly delicious and now, towards the end of that month, they are almost impossible to resist!

The ambition to lose weight in the new year is great. It is very important to look after yourself and your body. But let's face it, if we don't feel like we are working towards some kind of reward, changing our habits, especially when it revolves around something which gives us so much pleasure (i.e. eating those little pieces of heaven), is tough. Really tough.

Naturally, you could book a table at Heston Blumenthal's London restaurant or order Dom Perignon Champage at the Shard to celebrate your victory over the excess stones but what about a timeless treasure? Something that wouldn't make you feel guilty for treating yourself to it after but rather celebrates your achievements in style? What about a reward that lets you show off your newly toned body and create sophisticated, personalised art?

A Boudoir photo shoot experience celebrates the women you are, whether you now fit into a size 8 or 18 - you have worked hard and love that body of yours, so commemorate your beauty. Get pampered with a luxurious professional hair and make-up consultation before you let your sensual side shine during your tailored Boudoir photo shoot. You will feel like a model at your own photo shooting and the photographs we will create together will be testament to your strength, success and confidence. You will treasure your images and they will always remind you of how amazing of a woman you are. You deserve this!

So in case you need any more motivation to get that gym outfit on again and cast those treacherous macarons aside - get in touch, I am looking forward to help you stay so motivated that you will smash those new year's resolution goals!


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