Best keywords for searching Boudoir photographs

As part of my Boudoir experience I am asking women to provide me with images which are aligned with the vision they have got for the Boudoir images they want to create for themselves. I use the images their send me, add complimentary ones and create a joint moodboard which serves as individual concept for the shoot. This process visualises the type of photographs the women are looking for and I get a much better understanding of how to get the best results for each and every unique woman - in short, by tailoring the experience and opening up to each other, the photo shoot becomes more comfortable and therefore the Boudoir photographs are authentic and truly personal.

However, finding images which represent your own vision of Boudoir photographs can be challenging - the internet is a dark place and some of the alleys you don't want to walk down, even in broad daylight. Boudoir stands for elegant, sensual, classy images but the

lines can blur and porn can be just one keyword away, especially when you are after a more edgy, darker look.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the Amsterdam cringe of Boudoir photography (we want the Paris chique!):

General Keywords

As a rule of thumb you will receive classier results when avoiding terms such as Glamour or referring to the renown magazines such as Playboy and FHM.

Examples: Boudoir photography, Boudoir photo shoot, Boudoir images, Boudoir photography, Boudoir portraits, lingerie photo session, dessous photo shoot

Be precise

Your search results will improve dramatically when you have already thought about which style/mood your are looking for in your Boudoir images (3 Magic Words).

Examples: Elegant Boudoir images, Sensual portraits, Black and white Boudoir, Mature women lingerie shoot, Boudoir silhouette images, Sporty Boudoir photo session, Plus size Boudoir, Classy Boudoir photographs, Fine Art nude photo shoot

Include occasions

Some women have a Boudoir photo shoot just because they know they are worth it (we all are!) but many are waiting for a special occasion. Using those as keywords will refine your search results even more.

Examples: Engagement Boudoir session, Wedding Boudoir photo shoot, Milestone Birthday Boudoir images, Anniversary lingerie shoot, Christmas Boudoir, Valentine's Day Boudoir photographs, Pregnancy Boudoir photo session

Think outside the box

You do not have to search for something directly related to Boudoir photographs to get results to inspire your Boudoir experience. Sometimes other related searches can show you what you are looking for and we will translate it into a sensual photo shoot.

Examples: Calvin Klein lingerie adverts, Portrait photo shoot, Agent Provocateur dessous, Sensual portrait paintings, Vogue Swimwear Style Guide

Naturally, these are only suggestions and I cannot promise that you will avoid coming across images you do not feel comfortable with. But Boudoir is incredibly personal and what you would think is too kinky, another woman might feel is the embodiment of her sensuality. In any case, the more precise you can be in the keywords you use to search for your Boudoir inspirations, the more likely to find what YOU are looking for.


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