Merry Christmas!

Now that this year is drawing to a close, I cannot help but look back at what I decided to fill the past 350+ days with (yes, shocker hey, I know haha)!

Through what seemed a quite random decision to have my own Boudoir photo shoot I found the purpose, passion and confidence to build up my own business empowering and celebrating women’s beauty. And I love it, more than I ever thought possible. Not for myself but primarily for all the women who I shoot with. They come through my studio doors with a sense of awkwardness, neither knowing what to expect (despite all the preparation time and information I provide prior to their sessions) nor whether it was a good idea to have photos taken of themselves, let alone half-naked.

Those are the same women who leave my studio after their empowering Boudoir shoot with an aura of confidence, accomplishment, sensuality and possibly even a little bit of smugness. Each shoot is a transformation and I feel truly honored and humbled that these wonderful ladies grant me the incredible privilege to tell their intimate stories. These admirable women take a huge leap of faith and really dare to push themselves out of their comfort zone by having a sensual photographs of themselves taken.

Throughout the year, I have had the pleasure to get to know many different yet always fascinatingly unique and strong women. We have created elegant Boudoir photo albums and exclusive wall art celebrating their engagements, weddings, anniversaries, pregnancy, milestone birthdays, fitness achievements or using their images as a luxury souvenir from their trip to London. Each lady has brought a lot of fun, variety, passion and creativity to her photo shoots - one of them even brought a snake!

Together we have created truly personal art and made memories captured in sensual photographs. It has been exciting, emotion and truly rewarding.

I will spend the last few days of this year in the United States of America (arguably the home of Boudoir photography) with friends and family recharging my batteries while scouting for the newest lingerie trends on that side of the Atlantic. Meanwhile I will already be looking forward to the next photo shoots and welcoming more inspiring women in my studio to celebrate their beauty, their bodies and their stories.

Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones - all the very best for an amazing 2018 full of love, joy, laughter and wonderful opportunities to enrich your lives!


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