Client Concern: Am I not photogenic enough for a Boudoir photo shoot?

Oh if I got a pound of every time I heard a woman say "I cannot have a Boudoir photo shoot, I am not photogenic enough!" I would not have to run this business anymore (well, I probably still would because I love my work but that is beside the point)! I don't ever attempt to talk women into having a Boudoir photo shoot but here is what I usually say to those ladies:

Your assumption that you are not photogenic, what do you actually base that on? The snaps that your friends and family took with their mobile phones? Or the last images of you which a promotional photographer at a club took of you in a scarcely lit venue after a few glasses of champagne?

Let me tell you that a Boudoir experience is fundamentally different from the above described scenarios! Why?

  1. It is professional: great Boudoir photographers have the right equipment and knowledge to use lighting and posing techniques to bring out any woman's best features.

  2. It is personalised: my Boudoir experiences include consultation calls to get to know the individual women and the vision they have for their Boudoir images to develop a customised photo shoot concept unique to each session. I personally ensure that my clients feel well prepared and confident at the day of their photo shoot and this shows in the images.

  3. It is flexible: experienced photographers sense when the woman in front of their lens is not 100% herself and even though Boudoir photos are per definition sexy, there are many more ways than 'bedroom eyes' to achieve sensual images.

I truly believe that the best images are achieved when a woman is comfortable, so I invest a lot of time prior to any woman's shoot into getting to know her and making her feel confident so that she looks stunning in her images. I always advise to bring something meaningful to the Boudoir session as well in order to have an even more personalised experience. Though I have got a dedicated playlist, often the women bring their own music and who said a little dance during the photo shoot does not make for sexy images?! It is

about having fun and enjoying that you dared to step outside your comfort zone.

And if despite all this a woman still does not look like she feels at ease and ready to have stunning portraits taken which show how beautiful her face can look in professionally taken images, there is always the option of anonymous Boudoir photographs.


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