Client Concern: Do I not have the 'right body' for a Boudoir photo shoot?

When you search for inspirational images for your Boudoir photo shoot, many photographs which are displayed could easily be part of a La Perla lingerie campaign - the models look fit, confident and stunning wearing very little. I understand that most of my clients feel intimidated and think they do not have the 'right body' for those photographs. Here is what I would love to tell all women who worry about looking perfect:

Okay, so you may not have a flat stomach, or perfectly symmetrical boobs (only about 10% of women do), or super slim thighs, or a face without wrinkles or a bum looking like a peach - so what?! Nobody said that any of the above are a requirement for having a Boudoir photo shoot.

I mean seriously, it really does not matter. Not at all. You are you, and that is exactly what makes you so uniquely beautiful - inside and out!

There is no 'right' or 'wrong' body for Boudoir. It is about accepting and celebrating who you are as a person.

I used to think that my boobs were too small and my thighs were too big but I still did a photo shoot and loved the results. Actually it made me love my body more and when I think which kind of miracles it performs on a daily basis (i.e. keeping itself alive by processing food, fighting off infections, regenerating its cells) I feel a lot more at peace with those perceived imperfections.

These photo shoots go way more than skin-deep and that is why they are so empowering,

regardless of how much skin you decide to show. There are ways to pose your body so that it accentuates certain aspects and lighting methods can be used to highlight certain aspects and therefore distract from others. The type of lingerie you choose to wear plays a huge part in how you appear in the photos - in terms of confidence but also regarding where the eye naturally puts focus on.

Throughout your Boudoir consultation call I will find out which parts of your body you particularly like and which you would rather show less of. During our photo shoot session I will then make sure to highlight your favourite features and make you look your very best in your sensual photographs.


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