Client Concern: Am I too shy for a Boudoir photo shoot?

There are a fair few of my clients who are concerned that they might be too shy for a Boudoir photo shoot. They would love to have a sensual photo shoot but are worried that they might not be able to pull it off because they are not very extroverted or outgoing. Here is what I would love for those self-proclaimed wall flowers to know:

You do not need to be a super sexy vixen to have a Boudoir photo shoot! You are not less of a woman because you don’t feel comfortable in suspender belts and giving the photographers those bedroom eyes.

Let me tell you about a previous client: She came into my studio all confident and smug telling me that she wanted to start her shoot off in a gorgeous lingerie set straight away. I had my doubts whether that was a wise first choice since she had never done a Boudoir photo shoot before but as she came across so confident, I obliged. It wasn't that the photos were not beautiful (if I will have a body like her's when I am 36, I will cry tears of joy) but I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was not sure what to make of the whole experience. Therefore I chose the second outfit to be her jeans and a sports bra she had also brought - she automatically relaxed a lot more and eventually felt comfortable enough to pose in only a G-string by the end of her session - she absolutely killed it! Her personal journey and transformation throughout the experience was incredible!

My best pieces of advice for shy clients are:

  1. You don't need to take your clothes off to have amazingly sensual images. A lot of times suggestive shoots can be very seductive.

  2. I am here to make you feel comfortable and confident. It is my job to bring out the best in you and therefore I will give you loads of instructions. You will have nothing to worry about, so just relax and enjoy the experience - that will show in your photographs, they will look wonderful.

  3. Through my consultation process I will get to know you and the unique personal vision you have got for your Boudoir photographs. It is a very intimate process but all my shoots are tailored to not just show your natural beauty but also highlight your character. They are not just images of how you look but portray the person you are, so we will find your very own personal Boudoir style.


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