Client Concern: Can mums have a Boudoir photo shoot?

I am not a mother myself (other than to three adorable guinea pigs) but many of my clients are. Naturally, as a mum you are not only responsible for yourself but your actions affect your whole family now. It is understandable that therefore mothers might have a slight reluctance to book a Boudoir photo shoot. Here is what I would love to say to hesitant mums:

Yes, you might be worried about the fact your body doesn't look like the one of those slim 20-something year old magazine model (anymore). But please remember you have created another human being with it - that alone is a miracle in itself. Pregnancy and childbirth changes a woman's body for ever. This alone deserves to be celebrated. Your body is beautiful and tells that story - stretch marks can be edited, no worries.

Generally I believe women achieve the best results with their photos when they do such shoots for themselves but naturally your other half will be curious (and it is a brilliant sexy anniversary surprise). Of course you are possibly concerned about what your partner might think. Never forget that this (wo)man loves you for who you are, they love your shape and adore the fact that you have given them the most precious gift in their lives: their children. My Boudoir experiences bring out your sensual side. They are not a make-over style photo shoot. We will create authentic photos of you - looking your very best. How could your significant other not love your album?!

I also completely understand that you a worried what your children might think. You always have to factor them into every equation of your decision making. You might be worried that they would disapprove of their mother having a sensual photo shoot. If they found out they might be embarrassed in front of their friends. But what better example could you set for your children than being a women who accepts herself with all her supposed flaws and who loves her body just the way it it? You would set a shining example to teach them that it is absolutely normal not to be perfect and that it is okay to not strive for so commonly featured unattainable, unrealistic standards of beauty.

Also, even before having children, having a maternity Boudoir photo shoot is a great way to celebrate and commemorate that magic time of your body changing and is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.


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