Boudoir is who YOU are!

Surely when you have been looking into getting a Boudoir photo shoot and searched online for inspiration for your Boudoir images, you have come across many similar pictures. Your search engine of choice will have provided you with photographs of incredibly seductive looking women in small, lacy bras who look like perfect sex goddesses.

But what if that is not you? What if, even though you admire how those ladies look on their photographs, this is not the way you think you want to be portrayed? What if you think that upside-down-look-into-the-camera pose actually looks sort of silly? Should you not have a Boudoir photo shoot because you do not want to show yourself in lingerie, let alone take all your clothes off?

I believe every woman is unique. What unites us though is that we are all beautiful, stunning in our own ways. I am convinced that every woman should have a Boudoir photoshoot to celebrate herself, her body and her beauty. Uniqueness means that as a photographer I have to be more flexible when preparing and during each Boudoir shoot. But that I why I love my business. I love to get to know every single woman I shoot with. I love learning about her and creating a truly personal experience – personal not only because it is an intimate photo shoot but because every one of my experiences is tailored to the woman I have the privilege to be working with.

So do not worry about your figure or age and that you might not look like in those other model Boudoir images.

Instead, bring your favourite outfits (lingerie sets or not - I took an evening gown to my own Boudoir shoot), bring an item which mean a lot to you and tells your story. Tell me what you find sexy and what you want to rather avoid. Let’s talk about whether you would rather have a location photo shoot, have a photo shoot at my studio or would prefer the comfort of your home. Let us be creative. Let us both discover your personal definition of Boudoir, the unique way you define sensuality, and capture exactly that in truly personal photographs.

PS: I think that pose looks silly and cliché as well - we can definitely do better than that!


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