How do I get those "bedroom eyes" in my Boudoir photos?

I have written an earlier article where I pointed out that every woman’s definition of “sexy” is different (which is the reason why I have my consultation calls to find out what her vision of Boudoir is). Some interpret it in a suggestive way, others prefer a seductive interpretation and few want to show it all – it all depends on what you feel comfortable with. Nevertheless, a question I get asked very often is how a woman can get images with that “Here I am, come get me!”-kind of sexy look (you know the one I mean). There are two parts to that answer:

How we get those “bedroom eyes”

To some women this look just comes natural. It’s part of their character to be incredibly open and having that seductive, sexy look is their eyes mirroring their thoughts and soul. There are ways to teasing it out though in case a woman is just too shy to show that inner sensual goddess. I usually ask her to think of the movie star who always makes her heart beat a bit faster. Alternatively I ask her to recall the last time she felt incredible sexy and empowered.

How we get your “bedroom eyes”

In some cases the above just does not work and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some women are not the sultry type and trying my hardest to make them give me that seriously sexy look will only result in unauthentic images. I value your uniqueness, my Boudoir photo experiences are fun, not fake! Some women look best when they look directly into the camera, others when they look away but all look stunning when they genuinely laugh. Working with what your most naturally sexy look is, will let us enjoy the shoot and therefore create images in sensual settings which truly represent you as a woman.

A lot of times women believe that those “bedroom eyes” is what they need to have in their photos to make the images sexy. What your Boudoir images really need is for you to feel comfortable. Simply because that will result in the confidence to truly be yourself in that seductive lingerie you will be wearing (or taking off) – and how could being yourself not be sexy?!


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