Can I have an anonymous Boudoir photo shoot?

Some of my clients have asked me about anonymous Boudoir photo shoots - they want to have sensual images of themselves but they do not want for anybody else to be able to tell it is them. Sometimes they think it is more artistic if the face is not shown or just the outline of their body is in the images.

I get it. I felt the same way about my very own Boudoir photo shoot. Prior to my shooting I was convinced that all I wanted out of the session was one photograph which I could blow up, hang on the wall and people would look at it and think: "That is a beautiful, classy yet intriguing image." and then I would surprise them by saying that it's a photograph of myself. I have got exactly that hanging at the top end of my staircase and I love it.

If you are considering anonymous Boudoir photographs too, here are a few options I am offering my clients to create that sophisticated look for them:


Photographing only a part of the body, or cropping the actual photograph taken, is a great way to keep your identity hidden. It is a very good option if you have a certain part of your body which you are aiming to highlight during the shoot. This technique can also be used when you want to put even more emphasis on the lingerie or accessories you are wearing at the shoot or certain beloved aspects such as tattoos or birthmarks.


Playing with shadows or lighting in general can give your photographs an incredibly artistic look and create unique portraits which do not have to necessarily give away that it is you in those images. Again, a beautiful way to frame some of your favourite features or your entire silhouette without exposing you in your sensual images. It can also be used very effectively to distract or "hide away" certain aspects you would not want to have featured.


With this option the possibilities are truly endless, the main aspect is to cover (the majority of) your face to make the shot anonymous but it is a great way to bring some character and fun into your photographs. You could use your partner's favourite hat, an eccentric Venetian carnival mask, your bridal veil or hide behind a peacock feather - be as creative as you want to be.

Personally, I love the anonymous shoot which I framed but in the end there were a few other ones where you could see my face which I also bought as I loved those for the exact opposite reason: because I can see my sensual self in those images in all its glory.


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