Let's be more realistic and celebrate ALL women!

Recently I read an article about American model Emilia Ratajkowski, who complained that a French magazine had photoshopped her lips and breasts in images they published.

I must say it truly upset me and I couldn't help but ask myself:

Why is it that so many women still believe that the female beauty ideal is defined by models on magazine covers?!

And even more importantly: How can that be a realistic representation of women when even those superhuman models are evidently artificially enhanced and when studies show that today's average women wears a dress size 16?!

A year ago I nervously booked a sensual photo shoot although I knew that my body is not 'perfect' and that I do not look like one of those models. But nevertheless I am happy with my body and the way I feel about myself. The images turned out to be absolutely stunning. The whole experience was so empowering and uplifting that it inspired me to start my own Boudoir photography business, which gives other women the same opportunity to celebrate their bodies.

As a female Boudoir photographer I have had the privilege to photograph women of all sizes and ages. I can honestly say: all of them were beautiful. Some come to me saying they are worried about their wrinkles, some are concerned about their bellies or thighs. But I always say to them that exactly those features make them unique, make them beautiful. It is who they are as a person and what they can be proud of. Every wrinkle tells a story, every curve symbolises their femininity.

If you ask your partner, your family or your friends what they love about you, their answers are most likely to include your smile, certain aspects of your character, the person you are, the memories you shared with them and how you make them feel. So do not let your beauty be defined by your age, your weight, your size or your height – those are only numbers – but by what truly makes you who you are and what you stand for as a person. Real women deserve to love themselves and celebrate their bodies in every shape and form that makes them happy.

I truly believe that we need to revolutionise our way of thinking when it comes to the definition of female beauty. Age does not define your beauty. Size does not define your beauty. YOU do!


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