Is a couples shoot a good idea for a first Boudoir photo shoot?

Recently I received a message from a husband inquiring about booking a Boudoir photo shoot for his wife as a birthday present. He also asked whether I would possibly do a couples shoot for him and his wife together.

Firstly, I told him how thoughtful and truly personal of a birthday present I thought it was to surprise his wife with a Boudoir photo shoot experience.

Secondly, I advised him that a couples shoot might possibly not be the best option for a first Boudoir photo shoot.

Don't get me wrong, I generally love couples shoots and I genuinely believe that it is an amazingly intimate way to celebrate yourselves as a couple and the love you share.

However, throughout my photo shoots I have learned how important such an experience is for women and how nervous some of them can be. It is a nerve-wrecking thing to think about having images taken of themselves in lingerie, regardless of how professional, understanding and talented the photographer may be. They will be nervous, that is completely normal, but when they have got their partner there they might also feel like they are under a certain pressure. Women might think there is an additional expectation from their partner's side of what the photographs should be like or how much or how little skin she is supposed to show. This might not be the case at all, he might not have any expectations in reality, but she might still think he does.

Conclusively, she might not be 100% herself in front of the camera and that will show. It might makes her even less comfortable and even less confident which will lead to the women feeling even more nervous. She might feel like she has to wear something (or nothing) which she is not comfortable with or request poses which she might think would please hear partner. And if she is not being or feeling herself, that will show in the photographs.

I have learned that the images my clients, and their partners, find the most beautiful ones and request to have in their albums are the ones which look the most authentic. My clients want to be able to recognise themselves and see themselves in a way which is their very own and personal vision of "sexy". That is what I help discover and highlight throughout my Boudoir experiences and the reason why I advised in my reply to have an exclusive Boudoir photo shoot as the birthday present for his wife first before considering a couples shoot. There is always the next anniversary or Christmas only a few months away which is a great occasion for that couple shoot together!


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