Top 5 locations for a Boudoir photo shoot

When it comes to location selection for a sensual Boudoir photo shoot there are some obvious choices but probably some you have not considered. It can be very intriguing to think a bit outside the box and choose a more unusual setting because in the end it is all about YOU. Nothing is more important at a Boudoir session than you need to feel like you can get in the mood of the shoot you have envisioned and just be your definition of sexy - regardless of how you personally interpret that word. Below some food for thought when it comes to location choice for your Boudoir photo shoot:

Photography Studio

Every professional photographer will have a studio set up and available for clients to shoot in. The advantage is that the photographer certainly knows the lighting conditions inside out will therefore be able to easily create stunning images. Also, you can be sure that the studio is tailored and equipped for a Boudoir photo shoot.

Hotel Room

There are gorgeous hotel rooms which you can rent for a night and get your photographer to shoot at. It is more versatile than a studio and you get to choose the surrounding based on your very own vision for your Boudoir session. Additionally, you cannot only surprise your partner with a beautiful Boudoir photo album but also a luxury night out of town!

Your Home

This is a great option if you want to make your images even more personal and intimate. Having a Boudoir shooting at the comfort of your own home can make you feel more at ease and relaxed. Also, it is a cheeky surprise when your partner realises what you have been up to and where. A good photographer would always ask for a location check prior to the shoot to ensure its suitability.


This option is for the adventurous and nature loving women out there. There are beautiful, secluded spots to be found all over and an outdoor shoot always has a very down-to-earth vibe to it. Nothing highlights curves as authentically as natural light.

Special Location

Such Boudoir shoots are extremely personal but usually require more preparation and often involve venue hire as well as personal relations for the permission to shoot. But having sensual photos taken at for example the restaurant where he proposed would definitely be worth the effort!

Personally, my Boudoir shooting was at a photography studio but now that I have moved to the other side of the camera I absolutely enjoy the challenge of varied locations. The possibilities are endless (within legal boundaries of course), so even the location for your photo shoot can be as unique and exciting as you are!


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