What is the best age for a Boudoir photo shoot?

Frequently my clients are unsure if now is the right time in their lives to have a Boudoir

photo shoot or whether they should have done it earlier or if they should wait a little longer. Answering this question is difficult because it depends on the individual woman and it is a very personal decision. Objectively speaking though it depends on how comfortable you feel in your own skin, regardless of your age.

Women in their 20's tend to have a Boudoir photo shoot for one of two reasons: either because they want to commemorate their youthful bodies or because they want to do something daring, something that nobody would expect of them which is slightly rebellious. A Boudoir shoot at that age is a great motivation to get in shape, such as accomplishing your personal fitness goal or having put so much effort into looking amazing in your wedding dress.

Women in their 30's tend to have a Boudoir photo shoot to treat themselves to some me-time in their busy schedules (oftentimes revolving around their families). Meanwhile they are creating a stunning Boudoir photo album to show off to their partners or just to have as a reminder that they also deserve to be proud of their bodies. A sensual photo session is a great, very personal gift for a significant anniversary, birthday or even for Christmas (I would just suggest to exchange that gift separately to the ones for your children....).

Women in their 40's or 50's are very much at ease with their bodies and have come to not only accept but appreciate what makes them and their physique unique. They tend to have a Boudoir photo shoot to celebrate themselves entirely, even with those little wrinkles because they know every single one of them tells part of the story of their lives.

I recently read an inspiring article about a 54-year-old dancer who said that she still can't believe she is in the best shape of her life and published a photo book of celebrating her passion for dancing. Many of her portraits were nudes and when asked about why she wore so little clothes, Marjorie replied that she did not want to necessarily be sexy but felt that clothes distracted from what was important in the photographs: herself and what her life stood for.

Frankly,there is no perfect age for a Boudoir photo shoot - the timing just has to feel right. For you.


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