Why have a whole Boudoir photo album?

When I was contemplating what I would like my own Boudoir photo shoot to be like I knew exactly what I wanted the outcome to be like: sensual, aesthetic images of myself that I could blow up and hang on my wall.

I had amazing photographers who made me feel prepared, comfortable and created beautiful images for me. I got exactly what I had wanted- or I at least thought that I did.

I can imagine that I sounded very sure when I said that a big canvas of myself in a sensual, artistic pose lit in a manner that not everybody could straight away recognise it was actually me was the only thing that I wanted to get out of the shoot. I have got that exact piece of wall art hanging in my home now. Don't get me wrong, I love it. It was exactly what I had asked for. I was so focused on what I thought I wanted that I feel I did not get what was truly important.

Retrospectively, a part of me wishes I had been educated more about the timeless value of a Boudoir photo shoot journey. I call it a journey for a reason: every women I now shoot myself is not only unique and deserves more than just one single canvas but every one of them goes through a fascinating development throughout her shoot. It is an incredible transformation from slight shyness in the first images to stunning self-confidence by the end of each shoot. My Boudoir experiences prepare a women thoroughly and give her all the support she needs to tell her own personal story, show how truly beautiful she really is - inside and out.

I love telling my clients' stories and I feel extremely honoured that they are opening up to me like that. Logically, a whole story simply cannot be captured in a few images on a flash drive. I do not believe in making women choose between different poses and having to leave out images of an entire outfit - it does not do her justice. Therefore, I am offering Boudoir photo albums and they are my client's favourite product because they capture the entire shoot rather than just some of its highlights. Seeing those slightly awkward first shots makes you remember how special this experience was and how far you've come towards the end of the album where you are in your most daring lingerie sets and poses - trust me, you will want all of those. I did as well and looking back I wish I had been offered a Boudoir album of my own shooting too!


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