Boudoir photo shoot: push-up bra yes or no?

Another good question many of my clients ask me in regards to the outfits they choose to bring to their Boudoir Photo Shoots is what type of lingerie to bring (see my guides) but more specifically if they are to bring push up bras or not.

I am always honest with my clients and say what comes to my mind first: You are beautiful the way you are - be yourself and don't try to be anyone you are not! But this question goes deeper than just what outfits you choose for your Boudoir Shoot. For some it is a question of principles of self-presentation but for others it is a question about self-confidence and how comfortable you feel in front of a camera (as if that was not intimidating enough fully clothed).

I hear you, I know exactly what it feels like.

I have got a B-cup and even writing this

I am trying really hard to not use the word "only".

When I had my Boudoir Photo Shoot I used push-up bras in the lingerie sets I had my photographs taken in. I am the first one to admit that I think my boobs look nicer when they get a little boost. I like them better.

But that is my first point: I choose those bras because I feel sexy in them, because I like the way they look - not because of what society wants to tell me a perfect (usually photoshopped) woman looks like.

My second point is: later in the shoot I had become so confident that I ended up posing topless and eventually completely nude. And guess what?! In the end those were my favourite images. Why? Because that was me. They were the purest reflection of myself. I loved them. I loved myself in them and was proud of my body. I will never forget how wonderful this felt!

So when you are asking yourself if to use a push-up bra for your upcoming Boudoir Shooting:

  • Choose what you feel comfortable wearing

  • Choose what makes you feel sexy

  • Choose what makes you feel yourself

  • But always obey the golden rule - get your bra professionally fitted!


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