My two passions: Boudoir & Travelling

You know that I have had my own Boudoir shoot which inspired me to offer this wonderful experience to other women as well but I have not spoken about my love for travels yet. I have visited over 40 countries, lived in 8 of them (3 for studies, 3 for work and 2 for volunteering) so there is no doubt that I have caught a severe case of the travel bug! I did not think I would ever compare my two passions I love with each other directly but interestingly enough when I got to thinking about it the other day, Boudoir photography and travelling have a lot more in common than I would have guessed at first:


Travelling the world was always on my bucket list (and many destinations still are as the list seems to become larger rather than shorter - sounds familiar?!), admittedly Boudoir was not so much. I did not realise I wanted to have sensual photographs taken of myself until I saw some of a good friend of mine and was stunned by how elegant yet sexy they were. In either case, I was nervous before I did it - before I boarded the plane or before I took my clothes off - I had to pluck up the courage to do it (and tell my family/friends about it). But once I set my heart on it, I was also incredibly excited.


Preparation in key, both when it comes to a Boudoir shoot as well as travelling. Of course you can just rock up at the Côte-d'Arzu and find your way around but you might miss out on Le Louis XV in Monaco (1st hotel restaurant to ever be awarded 3 Michelin Stars) because you did not book a table in advance. The same goes for a Boudoir shoot. Hastily grabbing some bras out just before you about to leave for the shooting will get you beautiful images but well chosen lingerie sets or even a new super seductive one from Argent Provocateur will make you feel and therefore look exactly how you envisioned it.


Discovering both of my passions has brought me closer to understanding myself as a person. Travelling showed me the world, made me more open-minded, joyful, understanding, grateful and humble. I suppose I would have never dared to even consider a Boudoir session if these traits had not been strengthened. My photo shoot gave me more confidence and most importantly acceptance of the uniqueness and beauty of my own body. Shooting Boudoir now allows me to share and celebrate all of the above with other women - each of them wonderful in their own way.

Making memories

In the end, we cannot take anything with us and we will look back on our lives to remember the times where we were scared to make that jump but we did it anyway. We spread our wings, hopeful, to surprise ourselves and learn to fly. I can honestly say that both, travelling the world on my own as well as my boudoir photo shoot, were truly memorable and turning points in my life. Looking at photographs of either never ceases to put a smile on my face.

I know this has been one of my longer posts but I can't help but getting carried away when taking about the things I love, so thank you for bearing with me!


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