Boudoir Inspirations - Part III: Personal Items

In my two previous posts I have explained how it is helpful to first verbalise and then visualise the vision you have got for your Boudoir Photo Shoot. For me, Boudoir is all about you. Not just about how you look or the outfits you wear but also who you are as a person. I do not simply aim to capture stunning intimate images, my goal is to make them truly personal.

This is why I have a Boudoir consultation call to really get to know you individually before your individual session. I want you to feel as inspired and excited (yet maybe slightly more nervous) about your upcoming photo shooting as I do! But to make it a unique and unforgettable experience, I need you to do a bit more homework.

To optimally prepare for your Boudoir session with me, I will ask you to think about something personal you would like to incorporate in your images, something that is meaningful to you. If the occasion you choose for your Boudoir shooting is your wedding or engagement, by all means let us showcase your ring, your veil or your garter. Generally it can be anything though: your favourite flowers, an inspiring book, an inherited piece of jewellery or those amazing Lounoutins - as long as it represents you as a person and makes you smile when you see it, bring it on!

Many of my clients have a Boudoir shooting because they want to surprise their partner with a truly personal gift and I think that is great - my partner could not wipe that cheeky smile off his face when he saw my images. Some even receive it as a gift and feel slightly obliged to live up to how the giver would like to see them. Regardless of the initial motivation, deep down inside you do it for yourself and the best as well as most authentic way for us to create photographs you (plus everyone else you show them to) will love is by being yourself. Therefore, I always recommend to bring at least one item that is meaningful to you alone as I hope you will look at your photo album full of sensual images for years to come without bringing back bitter sweet memories.


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