Boudoir Inspirations - Part II: Example Images

In the first part of my Boudoir Inspirations series I shared with you how I get you to verbalise your vision of the Boudoir photographs you wants to create with me in your personal 3 magic words. This is a great start because it gets you thinking about what sensual side of yourself you want to portray. So let's talk about taking your words to the next level before turning them into actions: example images.

There are two reasons why I ask you to send me photographs which have the look/setting they envisage or show the poses you would like to portray during your photo shoot:

  1. It is very likely that you have been inspired by certain Boudoir images you have already seen from a friend's session or online

  2. Giving me a few images that inspire you will help me visiualise the particular style of images which capture your vision of Boudoir.

They say a picture says more than a thousand words. That might be one of the reasons why you want to have sensual portraits of yourself. By providing me with images which inspired you to have your own Boudoir experience I can see what your personal style is. Also,

everyone has got a different interpretation of the word "sexy" - for you it might mean yourself in lavish lingerie on a bed but for another woman being sexy more subtle and suggestive as in having the strap of a beautiful dress falling off her shoulder.

The next step toward your boudoir photo shoot is me taking your inspirational example images and creating a personalised mood board with them to visualise the creative concept of your Boudoir shooting. Your examples will enable me to share your vision and I will then compliment your mood board with additional images to broaden your concept yet staying true to your initial ideas. For me it is incredibly important to include you in the entire preparation process of the photo shoot itself. This might result in giving you a little bit of "homework" but by involving you this experience becomes even more personal any you can ensure that I am portraying you true to your sensual self.


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