Boudoir Inspirations - Part I: 3 Magic Words

Every woman is different - our individuality is what makes us beautiful, intriguing and lovable. Boudoir photographs are an amazing way of celebrating your body, your personality as well as your personal story. At the same time, it is an exciting creative challenge to capture exactly that in the photo session. In order to create stunning results both, the photographer and you, have to find a way to communicate and understand your very own vision of what you would like your images to look like.

One of the techniques I use in order to understand what my client's ideal Boudoir photographs embody is a seemingly straight forward question I ask during our Boudoir consultation call:

Which 3 words best describe what you want your Boudoir photographs to look like?

The simple reason why I always ask for three words is because it avoids you having to limit yourself to one particular style but also makes you verbalise your imagination. These word represent you and your view of sensuality. Saying those three magic words out loud makes it real. In a way it makes you not only realise but commit yourself to how you see yourself as a woman which is an incredible feeling of self-recognition. Do you want your images to be sexy, innocent, seductive, elegant, naughty, sophisticated, playful, wild, flirty, sweet, classy, sporty or provocative? There are no limits to your imagination, just be honest to yourself.

Naturally you all want your final images to look beautiful and stunning, even mesmerising. But I challenge every woman to be more precise, to really give it a lot of thought. The more you put into the process of being aware of what Boudoir means to you personally, the better your photographs will turn out. That's a promise!


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