How naked do you get at a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

I get asked that question a lot. And rightfully so - women want to know how much skin they have to show in order to be sexy enough for a Boudoir photo shoot.

First of all: there is no "have to". I am not denying that it is a brave thing to do and might feel slightly awkward in the first few minutes. However, a well prepared Boudoir experience should make you feel empowered to make the decision of how much you want to reveal without any pressure. Ideally an element of trust between you and the photographer has been established before you even show up for the photo shoot through for example an exchange of e-mails or a consultation call.

For my own Boudoir shooting I brought a long dress that I wanted to have pictures taken in. Originally I picked it out as a joke (I never buy long dresses. Ever.) but when I tried it on and showed it to my partner he gave me that look between surprise, adoration and pure love. It literally gave me those silly butterflies in my stomach again. This was such a special moment, the dress simply had to be part of the shoot. I wanted to remember the way I felt when wearing it forever. Throughout my own Boudoir photo session I went from a jeans and white top casual look to lingerie sets and suspender belts followed by that beautiful dress and finally posing completely naked - and felt comfortable and confident. Trust me: I have been there, I have done it, I know what you feel like.

Every Boudoir shoot is unique and personal because every woman is different. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the question of how naked you get at a Boudoir photo shoot. The answer to that however is simple: as much as you feel comfortable with. Therefore, feel free to make up your mind about the level of nudity at your shoot (and change it again if you wish once you are actually during the session). Personally, I always think that the promise of more to reveal has a lot of appeal in such photos. There is no need to flash anyone to show off your sensual side. And always remember that Boudoir images are primarily about one thing: YOU!


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