5 Workout Secrets to look GREAT naked

Naturally, when I was preparing for my own boudoir photo shoot, I seriously stepped up my fitness game especially in the last weeks before. I changed my fitness routine and surprised myself with how fit I was for the shooting. Today I am sharing with you how you can do it as well:

1. Get expert advice

With any kind of new exercising routine, bear in mind your fitness level and what limitations your body might have. If needed, consult a GP (I had to in order to find exercises which do not impact my lower back too much) but talking with your personal trainer or the gym staff they will usually be happy to share their expertise and you get a more tailored exercising.

2. Mix it up

It is important to mix things up to stay motivated. Find a good balance between stretching, cardio, weights and toning. Depending on what you want to focus on or which areas you choose you target, incorporate more of that type of exercise into your fitness routine.

3. Cardio

I know, cardio is anything but entertaining but it remains the best type of exercise to shed the pounds. Swimming is incredibly effective with very low impact on your joints and running you can even do outside anytime a day - so there is really no excuse! I used to do 30min of biking and cross-trainer (glutes training) at least 3 times a week.

4. Pilates

I never got the Pilates hype. I always thought it was just a celebrity thing I would surely fall asleep doing. Until I tried it. I found a 30min Pilates full body workout online and committed to doing it 3 times a week. After that time, my back was almost pain-free and my legs in a shape I couldn't remember having since my teenage days - I still do it weekly to stay in that shape now!

5. Good vibrations

No, I am not just talking about creating a kick-ass playlist to keep you motivated (that is important too). I mean those strange vibrating power plates you can find at almost every gym. Do a few of the Pilates moves for your target areas and watch the magic happen after two to three weeks!

All the above will not help you if you keep treating yourself to a daily gourmet take aways, flutes of champagne or three extra helpings of salmon and soft cheese canapes at every party. To achieve and sustain a sexy body, exercise has to go hand in hand with a nutritious, healthy diet!


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