Why I had a Boudoir Shoot - and LOVED it!

My main inspiration for starting my boudoir photography business was the boudoir shoot I had myself and how much I loved the images. They made me see myself in a different, sensual light and it felt incredibly empowering to have done something I had on my bucket list but was always a little hesitant to actually do.

When I was a teenager, I ate whatever I wanted and did not gain much weight but in my twenties that unfortunately changed - I became less active and travelling the world was a prime excuse to indulge in local culinary adventures. Life got a bit more serious after having moved to England with a busy work and social life, but needless to say, exercising was not too high on my priority list either.

A six months project placed me in a small town which had a cinema showing mainly PG movies and a gym - the choice wasn't easy but an obvious one; it was time for me to step up my fitness game! During that time I exercised five times a week and it led me to eating healthier and more consciously. I felt more at peace and connected with my body, so I kept it up when I moved to Surrey. I got to a point where I thought:

I have never been this fit in my life and in 30 years I want to remember how good I felt and that I was sexy - let's make some memories now!

And though I was nervous and slightly concerned what my family and friends would think, I booked a boudoir shoot because I knew I deserved to feel proud of my accomplishments and my body. In the beginning it was slightly awkward but after a while I was so much at ease that it felt like hanging out with friends while taking sexy photographs in lingerie. The results and how I felt about them proved me right (and so did the cheeky smile it put on my partner's face)!


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