5 Reasons why a Boudoir Shoot is the perfect Wedding Gift

No matter whether it is from the groom, the bridesmaids or the bride herself - a boudoir photo shoot is the perfect wedding gift and here is why:

1. It does not get any more personal

Nowadays there are so many generic wedding gifts out there that are easy to buy. From red letter days to spa breaks, watches to diamond earrings - but what is more beautiful than the smile of a bride-to-be who confidently shows off her sensual side?

2. Making the hard work double worth it

We all know that some of the main wedding preparations for any bride consists of two things: exercising and dieting. Fitting in that dress and looking her best on the big day is incredibly important. Leading up to her wedding day a bride is likely to be in the best shape she has ever been. So why not commemorate the occasion by capturing how amazing she looks and feels in her body?

3. The confidence boost before the big day

She will be pampered and styled to emphasise her beauty in preparation to take this brave step in capturing sensual images. This will not only make her look amazing during the photo shoot but also feel extra confident when walking down the isle.

4. The groom's face when he looks at the album

The first time he will see his bride's elegant boudoir photographs, he will be absolutely mesmerised. He will feel like the luckiest man in the world, even more so now. It will always be a cheeky reminder which will put a smile on his face for years to come.

5. Making timeless memories for the bride

It is not just holding the finished album in hand but having had a whole boudoir experience that will make the bride look at herself in a different light. Some women do not see what their husbands-to-be are absolutely fascinated about: their brides true, inner and outer beauty.

I believe that every bride has the right to feel truly proud of the woman that she has grown up to be. She deserves to be cherished by her husband-to-be before, during and ever after their wedding day!


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