5 Tips to calm your Nerves in front of the Camera

I am the first one to admit that when I had my own boudoir shoot, I was super nervous. I have been there, I have done it - I know what it feels like. But that is also the reason why I can help you to not look like a deer in headlights on photographs. Here are my top 5 tips to calm your nerves in front of the camera for you to enjoy your photo shoot to the fullest:

1. Choose a professional photographer

When looking for portraits to be taken of you choose somebody you can trust, somebody you believe you can be yourself with. Their previous work can give a good indication but usually there is an "About" or a "Bio" page where you can find out more about the person behind the camera. If you believe it would make you feel more comfortable, choose a female photographer.

2. Be honest to yourself

If you know that you will get nervous, be completely honest to yourself. You most likely have never done this before, so it is understandable that it feels a bit awkward. Also, when nervousness is part of who you are, accepting this can bring out your true personality in images. Therefore....

3. Be honest with your photographer

Letting the photographer know about your nervousness will help her/him understand you better and a personal connection translates into beautiful images. Generally, any professional photographer will ease you into the shooting. They will guide you in your posing and capture your best angles, so that you do not have to worry about a thing.

4. Prepare for your shoot

Any good photographer will also ensure to brief you before your shoot and set expectations for the day as well as its preparation. If there are items to bring, make a list. If you have to travel to the studio/location, give yourself sufficient time for the journey to not have to rush at last minute.

5. Get excited about it

Remind yourself for the reason why you booked the session in first place. Envision how amazing the result will look and how great you will feel about seeing your beautiful images. Then count to three, take a deep breath and put on that gorgeous smile of yours!

It is totally normal to be nervous - after all you have probably never had a professional photo shoot before. But that does by no means imply that you cannot look absolutely at ease and completely stunning in your photographs: Embrace the experience!


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