5 Reasons to make a Boudoir Shoot your Fitness Goal

In a previous post, I mentioned that I decided to celebrate the fact I had gotten into the best shape of my life by having my own boudoir shoot. Today I want to share with you the reasons why it is extremely motivating to choose a professional lingerie photo shoot over for example massively overeating at your favourite steak house or a shopping spree at Selfridges:

1. Celebrating your achievement

After months of training four to five times a week, it was not just my partner or my family who saw the difference but myself as well. Fitness had become more than the previously chore but a firm part of my life, I had finally integrated it into my routine and for the first time ever I actually started to enjoy it. I had accomplished to permanently change my lifestyle.

2. Feeling great naked

I did not feel self-conscious about my body anymore and I loved shopping for new lingerie (much to my bank account's sorrow yet to my partner's delight). Being fitter not only had a positive effect on my confidence on a physical as well as mental level but also on my overall mood. I am not saying I looked like a model but I felt truly comfortable in my own skin.

3. Your Bucket List

Secretly, it had always been on my bucket list. It was one thing I occasionally thought about doing, but never dreamed that I would actually come up with the courage to do before. It turned out to be more than just another thing to cross off that list - getting to that level of fitness and the shooting changed the way I saw myself.

4. Making timeless memories

Though I was anxious about such a type of photo shoot, I reminded myself of the cruel fact that no one of us is getting any younger. No matter how well we look after ourselves, we are not guaranteed how long we will be capable of preserving our youthful beauty. Photographs on the contrary, capture a moment in time forever - it's almost magic.

5. You deserve it

I had worked hard on changing my lifestyle for the better. Even though, I did not look like a model, I realised that I am beautiful and I deserve to cherish not only my body but what makes me the unique, wonder-filled person that I am.

Overall, my boudoir shoot was and still is an incredibly motivating factor to improve and sustain my fitness level. It gave me a goal to work towards and retrospectively a future standard to measure myself against.


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