The Shapewear Guide

Shapewear is a name which makes some of the most sensual lingerie sound very undesirable but the fact is, it can help make your beautiful body look even more stunningly feminine. Historically it was primarily used to hide problematic areas, nowadays shapewear is available in beautiful designs and fabrics ranging from sporty over sophisticated to simply seductive.

Longline Bras & Bustiers

Look: Basically an extension of a regular bra from the cups downward, usually higher than waistline. Longline bras tend to incorporate more lace whereas bustiers oftentimes promote a sporty look. Effect: While supporting your chest, they also smoothen your back and upper body below the chest.

Caminsols Look: An extension of bustier down to the hip. They cover the chest, however the cups range in various degrees of supportiveness. Effect: Smoothens your upper body as well as flattens your stomach. Shows off your curves but usually not firm enough fit to define them.

Bodysuits &Teddies Look: One piece suit providing maximum coverage (includes a chest piece and panties), usually a more practical look. Comes in a great variety of styles, so that you can find models which cover your arms if you wish. Some designs include cups but others all for a separate bra to be worn below which can be used to create intriguing contrasts. Effect: Enhances curves and hourglass shape.

Corsets Look: Boned piece of lingerie including cups but ending at hip level, framing the hips. Corsets have a very firm fit and have lacing in the back for additional tightening. Effect: Boosts chest, defines waist and flattens stomach therefore maximising hourglass shape

Corselets & Suspender/Garter Dresses Look: Less firm than corset but similar in shape and length. They are not boned or laced but include clips at the bottom to hold up stockings. Effect: Enhances chest, defines curves and flattens stomach. Whether stockings are attached or not, clips enhance visual effect.

To get more information about dress to impress, make sure to know your Bras, Panties and Hosiery as well.


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