The Hosiery Guide

Hosiery includes a variety of different pieces of lingerie ranging from practical to sensual. They have in common though that many get them mixed up. Therefore, I am describing the most frequently confused ones below:

Tights Most would not consider the regular tights as potential boudoir shoot outfits as they provide coverage from feet to waist. However, nowadays there are different designs and styles which create an impactful effect on the legs. They are an intriguing option in case you feel more comfortable with showing a limited amount of skin.

Hold ups Thigh-high socks, usually with a lacy pattern or a beautiful design at the top. As the name suggests, they hold themselves in place by having sticky plastic hidden in the upper part. This is a practical solution as they do not require a suspender belt/dress.


Non-sticky upper thigh-high lacy socks, sometimes with additional patterns. They need to be held up

with either a suspender belt or a suspender dress.

Suspender Belts Belts needed to holds up stockings. Depending on the type of belt, they are worn either sitting on the hips or around the waist, wider ones are even used to enhance or shape a woman’s hourglass figure.

Suspender/garter dress Includes cups to support bust and is a specific type of hip-long shapewear including clips to attach stockings. For more details please see “The Shapewear Guide”.


This prop is technically not a type of hosiery but tends to get confused with the above, though it is very different. It is a single band of fabric (most commonly white lace) placed around the upper leg, oftentimes worn by brides.

To get more information about dress to impress, make sure to know your Bras, Panties and Shapewear as well.


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