The Panty Guide

28 May 2017

The last thing you want to see, especially in sensual boudoir photos, is strap imprints or even worse muffin-tops that you do not actually have. I might not be popular for saying this, but for optimal images try your panties a size bigger than your actual jeans size. Also, avoid thin strings, ideally go for soft fabric (such as lace) which tends to lie flat on the skin and make sure your panties have a back which catches the eye. This guide will help you chose the right fit for your shape.


Wide Hips
To optically balance your body shape, chose solid styles and more subtle coloured bottoms in combination with bold printed bras or tops. This will flatter your curves while drawing attention more towards your chest.

 Recommended styles: Brazilian, Bikini, Hip Huggers


Small Hips
For an optical boost, chose a design with frills, ruching or something special like pearls as well as bright colours and prints. Show as much of your cheeks as you feel comfortable with and use styles which create a feminine, curvy shape.
Recommended styles: Bikini, Hipster, Thong, G-String


Short Legs
To optically lengthen your legs, chose panty styles showing off as much of your leg as possible (and you feel comfortable with, of course). Panties with high cuts in combination with heels balance the proportion of your upper to your lower body in photos.
Recommended styles: High Leg, Hipster, Waist Band, Thong (for optimal lengthening)


Full Thighs
To optically slim your thighs, a little more coverage of the upper part of your leg works wonders. Instead of panties you may choose to wear regular shorts which can create a playful or sporty look.
Recommended styles: Boyshorts, Lace Boxer Shorts, Hot Pants


Cellulite, Scars, Love Handles etc.
Though I believe every woman is beautiful the way she is, you may choose not to show off a certain part around your hips or you simply feel more comfortable in lingerie which provides slightly more coverage while still showing your sensual self. Such styles can also help shape your curves.
Recommended styles: Midi, High Rise, Briefs


To get more information about dress to impress, make sure to know your Bras, Shapewear and Hosiery as well.



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