What is Boudoir Photography?

When capturing images of the human body in an appealing, artistic yet to certain extend provocative way, there are four main distinctions of styles:

Boudoir Subject portrayed in romantic or seductive way and to a degree provocative. Usually portrayed in lingerie, seldom completely naked. General emphasises chest, bum and body.

Fine Art Nudes Focus more on conceptual creation of images. Emphasis on composition, human form, light, shape, body as a canvas or symbolism.


Portraying sexually suggestive or mildly pornographic concepts, typically featuring topless or nude women.

Erotic Portraying concepts around sexuality, bordering almost explicitly sexual acts.

What is MY boudoir?

Definitely not erotic or glamour.

My version of boudoir is a melange between the first two definitions. For me boudoir extends further than simply taking sensual images of women revealing however much skin they feel comfortable with. I believe in not only giving photos beauty, but a concept and therefore a deeply personal meaning. They capture timeless memories cherishing a woman’s unique personality and each one’s individual story – this is why I fell in love with boudoir, and I am sure so will you with your photographs.


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