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Our photo shoots give you more than just beautiful images, they give you confidence to create memories you will treasure forever and which will enable you to finally be completely at ease with your true self.

In order for your to feel well prepared and ready for your photo experience, we have partnered with some wonderful, carefully selected experts in their field. Together with all our forces combined, we offer you an exclusive customer experience that will result in the most stunning portraits.

Feeling ready for your Boudoir experience
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Revealing your feminine silhouette by helping you find the lingerie which truly refelcts your personality and taste while accentuating your figure.

Lingerie Consultant


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By applying her three step method, Marie will help you to get to know yourself better, to identify your best features and learn to chose lingerie to highlight them in order for you to be confident and look amazing during your Boudoir photo experience.

For women who "do not know which lingerie to wear"


Boutique located in the historic city centre of Toulouse offering you high quality, delicately crafted lingerie.

Lingerie Boutique


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Each of their lingerie ensembles truly is a wearable piece of art which will make you feel amazingly confident. You will receive personalised advice at the boutique to help you find magnificent lingerie to beautifully accentuate your feminity.

For women who want incredibly photogenic lingerie

Lana Amma.JPG

Helping you overcome blockages and emotional wounds which are holding you back from enjoying your life to the fullest.

Soul Therapist


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Within only a few sessions Lana will find out and heal the root of your lack of self-confidence and doubt. No matter whether you struggle with accepting your body or you wish to overcome a traumatic experience, she will guide you through your emotions.

For women who "do not feel ready for a session yet"

Additional Partners
Easy Love.JPG

Giving your ideas to discover your pleasure and playfully express your sexuality.

Love Boutique


With high quality products and professional as well as discreet personnel, this love boutique will help you explore your sensual desires without any judgement. Their accessories can easily be incorporated in your Boudoir photo session.

For women who search for accessories and pleasure

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Isabelle Dedieu.JPG

Helping you find your own unique style and creating a personalised look to highlight your best features.

Image Coach


With her wealth of experience, Isabelle will give you practical advice on how to make your overall appearence match your radiant personality. Her extensive expertise covers clothing (including lingerie), hair styling as well as make-up advice.

For women who want to reinvent themselves

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