Frequently Asked Questions

At this point you are probably intrigued about having a personalised Boudoir experience but you are not quite sure yet whether this is for you or not. Maybe you have not quite plucked up the courage to request a consultation call yet? Maybe you want to know more before speaking to me?

I completely understand - I have felt the same way before booking my own Boudoir photo shoot!

To answer a few of the questions you might have regarding Boudoir photography, I have created this FAQ-page for you.

What is Boudoir Photography?

My Boudoir photography is sensual portrait photography celebrating women’s beauty - regardless of age and dress size!
It is elegant, classy and suggestive rather than full on erotic glamour photographs.

Who takes the photographs?

I am the photographer for all Boudoir experiences booked with Yasmin Igné Boudoir Photography. I am your first point of contact, I create your personalised photo shoot concept with you, I will be the only person taking and editing your photographs.

Where are the photos taken?

There are a variety of options regarding the location of your Boudoir photo shoot: my studio in Toulouse, the comfort of your home, a posh hotel room, a place meaningful to you, outdoors or even abroad. Your Boudoir photo shoot can be as unique and adventurous as you are.

What if I do not have the confidence for a Boudoir experience?

It is my job as a professional photographer to ensure that you are feeling incredible on the day of your photo shoot.

For at least 3 weeks you will receive all the information you need to be completely prepared for your session. During your shoot you will receive plenty of encouragement, I will explain and show you all the poses to make you feel 100% confident in front of the camera.

I am not a model, so why have a Boudoir experience?

Because you are worth it, every woman is, regardless of age or dress size!
Many women choose a special occasion to have their Boudoir photographs taken, e.g. their wedding or a milestone birthday, but some do it just because they feel it is the right time in their lives.
You do not have to look like a model, I celebrate ALL women and their beautiful bodies, neither do you have to know how to pose like one.

How do you personalise every Boudoir shoot?

No two women are the same, so I design tailored photo shoot concepts based on our consultation calls.

I ask women to verbalise, visualise and specialise the vision they have got for their Boudoir photo shoot. I act as a consultant for every woman to define and express her sensual side by creating a unique Boudoir concept for each shoot.

Will you use my images on your website?

Generally No. The privacy of my clients is of the utmost importance to me.

Your images will never be shared or uploaded online without your prior consent!

If you confirm in writing that you wish for me to feature your Boudoir photographs on my website, I would be delighted to do so. However, unless you approach the subject yourself it will not be brought up at any point of your Boudoir experience.

Is Boudoir only for young, skinny women?

Absolutely not!

Thus far my clients’ ages have ranged from 19 to 55 weighing between 50 and 150 kilos. Generally, most of my clients are actually mothers in their 40’s.

The only age requirement for my Boudoir experiences is that you are 18+ years old.

How much does a Boudoir experience cost?

There are three types of session starting from 299€.

The differences are:

      - the length of the photo shoot

      - how many outfits you can wear

      - how many photos will be included in the package

      - how many photos will be available for purchase


Click here to find out more about the types of sessions.

Is make-up included?

My Boudoir is not a "makeover" because I believe women don't need that. Therefore make-up is not included.
I encourage my clients to do their own make-up before their shoot exactly how they want it to. If you wish to have your make-up professionally done, I will be happy to arrange for a Make-up Artist for your shooting.

What is included in your Boudoir experience?

All my Boudoir experiences are providing a very personalised and taylored preparation to make my clients feel comfortable and confident at the time of our shoot.

The preparation, personalised session concept, the shoot itself, the post-production are all included in my Boudoir experiences.

Do you provide outfits for me?

In order to create authentic images and to ensure they fit you comfortably, you will be wearing your own outfits.

It is not necessarily to wear lingerie, you could also bring your husband's white shirt and wear it with your panties.

Boudoir is not a sexy dress-up, it is about being yourself!

Do I have to be naked?

The answer is: “Show however much you feel comfortable with!” It is truly up to you but please, by no means, feel as if you have to get naked to produce sensual images.

Often the most sensual photographs leave plenty of room for the imagination.

How can I book my Boudoir experience?

Please click here to get in touch with me and book a FREE consultation call for you to ask all the questions you might have about your Boudoir experience.

At the end of our call, you will receive a confirmation of your booking and further details to prepare your session.

Free Consulation - click here

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