A Boudoir photo shoot is there to celebrate your personality, body's unique beauty and highlight your favourite features in anything from panties and your beloved jumper to your sexiest lingerie.

Boudoir is essentially who you are,  authentically capturing truly personal moments!

No Make-up Shoot

For her Boudoir experience she decided to wear no make-up at all. She wanted natural and authentic images that showed her character and conviction.

Special Item: Her favourite Novel

Milestone Birthday

She said that with 50 she felt sexier than she ever had before in her life. She wanted to give her Boudoir photographs a retro chic look.

Special Item: Madonna Bra

Body Positive Celebration

Her goal in life is to inspire women to love themselves and their bodies for who and what they are - beautiful in every way.

Special Item: Fascinator

Outdoor Adventures

Not only did she have her outdoor Boudoir photo shoot on her favourite island. She also bought the little cottage to open the café of her dreams.

Special Item: Leather Jacket

Valentine's Day Gift

Their long-distance relationship was difficult but so worth it. He sent her flowers so she decided to return the favour to show she had received them.

Special Item: Red Roses

Holiday Souvenir

This time, instead of a boring fridge magnet, she decided to have a Boudoir experience and take the sensual photographs as souvenirs of her city break.

Special Item: Good Luck Charm Necklace

New Haircut

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life" Coco Chanel inspired her to be daring enough to not only cut her hair but also have a Boudoir photo shoot.

Special Item: Cozy Jumper

25th Wedding Anniversary

As an unusual surprise for their wedding anniversary she booked a Boudoir session and made sure to wear his favourite lip stick.

Special Item: Hot Pink Lipstick

Dancing Memories

She wanted to always remember how dancing made her feel as if she could take on the world. She did it all by herself, for herself.

Special Item: Dancing Shoes

Dare Devil

What a wild woman - she played with fire as well as with her pet snake. She was not tall but her personality filled the entire studio.

Special "Item": Slash, the snake